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#4: move dependencies to plugins

  1. Motivation
  2. Proposal
by IOhannes m zmoelnig last modified 2011-08-05 07:52 PM
anything OS related or depending on 3rd party libraries should not be part of Gem core but instead live in plugins
Proposed by
IOhannes m zmölnig
Proposal type
Assigned to release


Gem has support for a lot of libraries and frameworks, mainly for video/image decoding and capturing.

All these dependencies are linked into the Gem core, which has several drawbacks

  • the use must install all the dependencies (even for hard to find libraries) in order to acchieve the simplest task
  • the maintainer might ship most dependencies, but not all, due to licensing issues
  • several objectclasses providing the same functionality (e.g. [pix_video]) differ significantly in how they have to be used in the Pd-world, since different frameworks offer different possibilities
  • old and outdated code has to be carried along in the Gem core


i propose to move all dependencies (but the most crucial one, like oenGL) into plugins that abstract the interface to all classes of a framework type.

  1. g. plugins for
  • image loading
  • image saving
  • film reading/decoding
  • film recording
  • video capturing
  • model loading
  • ...

this would allow to develop the Gem core independently from the backend implementations

a generic framework is needed to allow to fine-tune a specific backend, while staying compatible on the patch level.

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