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Gem 0.93.0

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Gem with plugins

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Gem 0.93.0 for All platforms (7.3 MB)

source package (compiles on linux, OSX, W32,...)

Get Gem 0.93.0 for Windows (7.9 MB)

Windows Installer (binaries + documentation)

Get Gem 0.93.0 for Windows (7.9 MB)

Windows Archive (binaries + documentation)

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.42, pd 0.43
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager IOhannes m zmölnig
Released 2011/08/26


frei0r video plugins support

[mesh], [surface3d],...

[separator] now takes arguments to define which stacks to push/pop


numerous bigfixes and improvements


[pix_fiducialtrack] is no more part of Gem (but comes bundled with Gem)

[pix_artoolkit] fiducial tracking using ARToolKit

[pix_drum], [pix_mano]: Jaime Olivier's analysis objects!


image acquisition is now factored out into "plugins"

this means that you can e.g. easily add new image acquisition methods to the existing [pix_video], [pix_film] and [pix_image] objects

still images

image loading/saving now uses plugins on all platforms

on w32 you can now use ImageMagick and/or QuickTime for loading/saving images, which greatly increases the number of supported formats

you now get programmatic feedback on image loading success...


video acquisition now uses plugins on all platforms

uniform way to get or set properties/attributes/controls, like hue, saturation, shutter-speed, pan,...

working DV support (on linux)

V4L also works with newer kernels (that dropped v4l)

support for IIDC

support for industrial grade GigE cameras using 3rd party libraries such as PYLON, Halcon or AVT's PvAPI

experimental UNICAP support


film acquisition now uses plugins on all platforms (you could use gmerlin on w32 or osx...)


film output now uses plugins on all platforms

support for V4L2 (and V4L) loopback devices, in order to generate a fake live video from your Gem window - use itfor recording, streaming,...


global & local settings files to modify the overall behaviour of Gem

if you don't like Gem's default framerate, windowsize, font, texture mode,... change it once and for all



this is the first Gem with a "public" API: a selection of headers that you can use to write your own Gem-plugins


completely switched to a proper autotools build system


updated bundled GLEW

source organization

re-organized the entire source tree for hopefully better maintainability

Feature enhancements in this release

The following features are associated with this release:

#1: extendible GemState
use key/value attributes for putting variables into GemState
#4: move dependencies to plugins
anything OS related or depending on 3rd party libraries should not be part of Gem core but instead live in plugins
by IOhannes m zmoelnig last modified 2011-11-21 11:40 AM

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