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Gem 0.92.0

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Gem-0.92 for all major platforms

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Gem 0.92.0 for All platforms (3.8 MB)

source packages (compiles on linux, OSX, W32,...)

Get Gem 0.92.0 for Mac OS X (4.7 MB)

OSX universal binary + documentation (10.4 + 10.5)

Get Gem 0.92.0 for Windows (3.6 MB)

Windows Installer (binaries + documentation)

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.41
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager IOhannes m zmölnig
Released 2009/09/09

after a year of silence, we finally have a new release of Gem: 0.92


GLSL shaders

support geometry shaders: cool effects are waiting out there...


models use their stored UV-texture coordinates: finally you can build your textured models in your favourite modeller and fully use them in Gem

trapezoid object with correctly distorted textures

video capturing

on linux we now have native support for V4L2 devices (including your eee's webcam, the PS3-camera and whatever hot devices are on the market...)

film/movie reading

on linux we now use Gmerlin/avdecoder support which allows you to read more movie formats and faster than ever (from FLVs to HDV)

video effects

FreeFrame effects can now be initialized directly as (e.g.) [pix_GlowVFX] (for the GlowVFX effect)

pix storage

pix_writer is a new object for writing images to your harddisk


more openGL wrapper objects

you can now use symbolic constants with many openGL wrapper objects, which makes patching much more fun


like always we have removed (and introduced) numerous bugs, so all in all GEM should now run more stable for an incomplete list of fixed bug see the bug-tracker at


known bugs in this release (FIXES in future releases; HACKS to workaround the problem for now)

  • configure missing in release tarball

    HACK: run ./ first

  • building fails with s_stuff.h missing

    HACK: copy s_stuff.h from /src to somewhere Gem can find it (/src , /usr/local/include,...)

  • on OSX pix_film (which really is pix_filmDarwin) is overwritten by the non-working pix_filmQT

    HACK: remove Pixes/pix_filmQT.cpp and 'Pixes/pix_filmQT.h'; then make clean && make

  • MMX for pix_invert is broken (in YUV only half of the image is inverted, in RGBA (on OSX/i386) the colors look strange - R and A are swapped)

    HACK: send a "simd 0" message to all pix-operators that don't work to turn off SIMD (SSE2/MMX) accelerated code

by IOhannes m zmoelnig last modified 2009-09-17 01:28 PM

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