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Gem 0.91.3

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Gem-0.91 codename 'tigital' bugfix release #3

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Gem 0.91.3 for All platforms (3.6 MB)

source package (compiles on linux, OSX, W32,...)

Get Gem 0.91.3 for Mac OS X (4.0 MB)

OSX universal binary + documentation (10.4 + 10.5)

Get Gem 0.91.3 for Windows (3.3 MB)

Windows Installer (binaries + documentation)

Get Gem 0.91.3 for Windows (785.6 kB)

Windows (binary only!)

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.40, pd 0.41
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager IOhannes m zmölnig

this is the third bugfix-release of Gem 0.91 codename 'tigital'

Change log

changes from 0.91-2 to 0.91-3

  • fixes [pix_2grey] on OSX/intel
  • fixes [pix_data] on OSX/intel

changes from 0.91-1 to 0.91-2

  • made [pix_freeframe] not crash on OSX (fixes #2476663)
  • do not use libTIFF/libJPEG is ImageMagick++ is present (fixes #2449674 & #2506838)
  • always use RGBA for image-loading on OS-X (fixes #2484087)
  • check for gl/glu headers (fixes #2032488)
  • force focus when drawing without borders on X (fixes #2192358)
  • only use multitexturing if hardware supports it
  • windows-installer adapted to new svn-layout
by IOhannes m zmoelnig last modified 2009-01-22 01:26 PM

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