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Gem 0.91.0

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Gem-0.91 codename 'tigital' for all major platforms

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Gem 0.91.0 for All platforms (3.6 MB)

source packages (compiles on linux, OSX, W32,...)

Get Gem 0.91.0 for Mac OS X (4.8 MB)

OSX universal binary + documentation

Get Gem 0.91.0 for Windows (3.3 MB)

Windows Installer (binaries + documentation)

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.40, pd 0.41
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager IOhannes m zmölnig

this is the first release for 3 years, codename tigital

it includes many changes, so probably i have forgotten most...


like always we have removed (and introduced) numerous bugs, so all in all GEM should now run more stable for an incomplete list of fixed bug see the bug-tracker at


  • fiducial tracking
  • artoolkit
  • multitexture
  • texture sharing
  • recording streams of images into movies
  • better movie reading support
  • better video in support
  • more sophisticated pix_buffer handling
  • shared memory objects


  • allow unicode characters
  • use vera.ttf as default font instead of the copyrighted arial.ttf
  • allow to override the default font with the environment variable "GEM_DEFAULT_FONT"


  • generally use openGL-2.0 (if available)
  • vertex/fragment shaders (GLSL and ARB/NV)
  • framebuffers

openGL runtime checks

GEM now uses GLEW to detect openGL-features

at runtime this allows you to use all the cool features of your brand-new graphics card with the same binary as you used for your old


more MMX/SSE2 optimized objects

runtime checks for supported CPU instruction set


there is now a w32 installer (based on NSIS) to ease the installation of GEM on windows.

single vs dual context

GEM uses a dual context approach to establish a valid openGL-context at startup;

you can now turn this OFF by setting the environmental variable GEM_SINGLE_CONTEXT=1 this should allow you to work if GEM crashes otherwise


  • MarkEX has been removed from GEM and is now available as a separate library
  • hardware-interfacing objects like [gemorb] and [gemtablet] have been removed

Change log

  • loads of new objects
  • GLSL shader support
  • framebuffer support
  • fiducial tracker
  • texture sharing
  • multitexture
  • recording!
  • shared memory pixes (on platforms that support this)
  • unicode text rendering
  • openGL runtime checks
  • MMX/SSE2 optimization
  • removal of MarkEx
by IOhannes m zmoelnig last modified 2008-06-02 09:53 AM

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