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a 32-voice asynchronous granular synthesizer for real-time transformation of a soundfile

Current release: Particlechamber 2010

Released 2012-03-27 — tested with pd 0.42, pd 0.43

NOTE: the reverb section is currently broken, due to a change in the freeverb~ object which took place since I originally published this. It will be fixed in the new 2010 release.

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Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

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Particlechamber is a 32-voice asynchronous granular synthesizer for real-time transformation of a soundfile. It is loosely based on the famous Travelizer instrument from Reaktor 3, however I think it’s much better because it is FREE!

This abstraction can be used to time-stretch or time-compress a soundfile, although there are other tools [such as Frank Barknecht's synchgrain object] which do this “nicer”, but it’s main strength is in generating clouds of sonic particles, time-scrambling a file, or creating abstract textures. If one does a bit of reverse engineering, it can also be used as a tool for learning about the techniques of granular synthesis. I have left a subpatch inside the granreader subpatch where others can add their own grain-level events, such as randomized or constant-Q filters or windowed envelopes, to see what is possible with this technique. Of course, I can only highly recommend Curtis Road’s amazing book Microsound for those interested in learning more about granular synthesis.

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