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This is the support page for the [ Interactive Sound on the iPhone, with Pure Data] workshop at [ Mobile Art & Code], Pittsburgh, PA, Sunday November 8th, 2009.

 * '''bring your original Apple headset for this workshop! rjdj doesn't like all headsets and a headset is required!'''
 * Install the free '''rjdj''' app from the app store and make sure it works with your headset.

This workshop will walk you through using Pd on the iPhone and iPod Touch in the form of [ rjdj].  rjdj is an company focused on making reactive music and their app uses Pd as the sound engine.  The patches you create for rjdj are normal Pd patches, but in order for rjdj to be able to download and run them, they need to be packaged in a particular format.  We'll cover the packaging and uploading in the workshop.

 * [ Composers Pack]
 * [ Setting up Pd for rjdj]
 * [ Structure of an rjdj scene]
 * [ Uploading and running Pd patches with rjdj]
 * [ New rjzserver for Snow Leopard and Windows]

== rjdj sources ==

rjdj provides a number of libraries and utilities tailored to using Pd on iPhoneOS.  You can download them individually from their site, but you can also get them from their Subversion source code repository, From the terminal, you can get the sources like this:

svn checkout rjdj

 * [ accelerate.pd]
 * [ touch.pd]
 * []

== Python for Windows ==

If you are running Windows, you should install Python.  It is needed for the uploader script for putting your Pd patches on your device. You can use this installer:

== Further Resources ==
 * [ FLOSSManuals: Pure Data], a free introductory book
 * [ Programming Electronic Music in Pd], a free book covering audio with Pd
 * The Pd site:
 * [ Designing Sound] (a excerpt is included in the Composer's Pack]

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