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Why do I get an error when connecting two objects?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

I get the message "error: signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)" when I open a patch.

This error tends to go with the previous error "I get the message '... couldn't create' when I open a patch...".

Often this error means that an object has failed to create, usually because it uses an External Object which is not available in the current installation or configuration of Pd.

Pd will preserve the location and connections of an object which fails to create, but it will not function. You can use the "Find last error" function under the "Find" menu to track down which objects caused errors.

Pd will treat uncreated objects as Message Objects, even if they were originally Audio Objects, so this error will follow the previous one.

If the External is not available in Pd-extended, you may need to install it yourself.

this FAQ was originally published under the GPL at Pd's FLOSSmanual

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