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What is the .pdrc file and how do I use it?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

(deprecated, see: How can I store startup options so that they are loaded every time I start Pd )

With older versions of pd (pd<=0.37), the .pdrc file was the standard way of specifying startup options for Pd.

The new (platform-dependent) systems for storing startup-options is pdsettings.

In the .pdrc, you put all of the command line options that you want Pd to start with in the file. The format is one option per line, for as many lines as you need. Example:

 -r 48000
 -lib iem_mp3
 -lib iem_t3_lib
 -lib zexy
 -path /Users/hans/cvs/pure-data/externals/hcs/rawhid/
 -helppath /Users/hans/cvs/pure-data/externals/hcs/rawhid/

The .pdrc goes in your home directory, also known as ~. So a standard UNIX way of writing it would be ~/.pdrc.

For me on MacOS X, that would be equivalent to /Users/hans/.pdrc, on GNU/Linux it would be /home/hans/.pdrc.

Usually any file that starts with a "." like .pdrc will be hidden by default.

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