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What do I need to run Pd?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

Pd will compile and run on any machine capable of running GNU/Linux, MacOS X, IRIX, BSD or Windows. If you want to do simple MIDI processing, any old 486 will probably be sufficient. If you want to do real time audio synthesis or other fancy multimedia, you will need a big fast computer. The bigger and faster, the better.

To do MIDI and audio you will need appropriate MIDI and audio hardware, as well as the appropriate driver software for your operating system to utilize that hardware. Some Pd extensions may need or be enhanced by other special hardware. For example, the GEM library needs a good GL library and the 3D hardware to make it worthwhile. Since Pd is primarily for real-time performance, you will probably also be interested in using special input devices. Joysticks, 3D mice, and MIDI controllers of all kinds can make your Pd experience much more rewarding.

Be forewarned that Pd is still in development. To use Pd at this stage you will need some patience and a sense of adventure.

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