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Is Pd-Extended dead? What are the alternatives?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

Yes, long time beloved Pd Extended is dead! :(

Pd‐extended started as a fork of Pd Vanilla, including some extra features and many included external libraries. It still works and you can still download and use it, but it's outdated, abandoned and there's no support! Therefore, it's not a good idea to keep relying on it. Luckily, there are alternatives.

Pd‐l2ork =>

‐ Pd-l2ork started as a Fork of Pd-Extended. It has all of what Extended used to have and more, but it’s only for Linux (Link to Pd-l2ork)

Purr Data =>

‐ This is actually "Pd‐l2ork 2.0" and for all platforms (mac, windows, linux). It is being ported to a new interface based in web technology. Though a first release is already available, it still needs to port a few more GUI objects to the new web format. Link to Purr Data

Pd Vanilla with external libraries installed

‐ You can just use Pd vanilla - the main version of Pure Data - and install the external libraries. Vanilla is a little different than Pd‐ extended, but aside from cosmetic differences, you can do everything you could with Pd‐extended if you install the proper libraries.

The major difference between Pd Vanilla and Pd‐extended is that Pd‐Extended came with several libraries already installed, and it automatically loaded many of them. If you need a guide on how to install libraries in Pd Vanilla (with 'deken'), please check <>.

Note that the libraries that were available in Pd extended 0.43 are availkable in 'deken' as “v00-extended”

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