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FAQ for Pd

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pd (now with answers) If you have something to contribute to this page, log into and you will have edit access.

Pd on the net

What is

Pure Data Dot Info is a highly content-managed source of information for the Pd user community.

It is running on Plone It is run by a number of volunteers and hosted at IEM in Graz, Austria.

It was previously known as pure-data dot org, but that domain was grabbed from us by nasty people.

Where can i get get answers to all my questions?

If you use Pure Data you should definitely subscribe to the Pd mailing lists . If you post a question on the list, it will most likely be answered or at least discussed.

Otherwise the answer is 42.

How do I un/subscribe from the mailing list?

Where can I download Pd and related software?

There are many places Pd and related software can be obtained. Check the downloads section of this web site for a somewhat comprehensive list.

Where can I get Pd documentation?

The best documentation can only be viewed by running Pd. Click on the "Browser..." menu item on the "Help" menu when you run Pd, and you will get an interface for navigating through the included documentation.

You can browse the Pd documentation online on this site by going to the Documentation section.

You can also see Miller Puckette's manual on his site.

And for a Wikipedia-style collection of information, check out the Pdpedia

What about GEM?

Where can I get answers for GEM related questions?

GEM has a seaparate FAQ that can be accessed via

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