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FAQ for Pd

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pd (now with answers) If you have something to contribute to this page, log into and you will have edit access.


How do I edit a FAQ entry?

I've spotted an error in an answer. How do I edit and correct it?

First you need an account on this site. Then after logging in, just navigate to the FAQ you want to change, and press the "edit" tab. In the "Answer" textarea just change the text, but take note of the "Text Format" setting. Press "Save" to save.

How do I create a FAQ entry?

There is a question missing although many people asked about it. How do I add a FAQ?

First again you need an account here. Then log in, go to the FAQ's main page and press the "add faq" button in the upper right. Follow the instructions to add a question with answer. Please note: we use the "Structured Text" formatting for FAQs here.

What is a FAQ?

What's this all about?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

It provides answers to questions everybody keeps having...

how can i delete a FAQ entry?

i've created a FAQ entry that i want to remove. How?

please contact the website administration...

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