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FAQ for Pd

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pd (now with answers) If you have something to contribute to this page, log into and you will have edit access.


How do I access the pure-data source code repositories?

Pd-vanilla is developed using a GIT repository on Sourceforge.

For the Pd community in general, there is the pure-data Subversion (SVN) repository hosted on Sourceforge which includes most of the externals,... development in Pd-world.

There are a number of other related source code repositories, you can get more information on those here: GettingPdSource

How do I use pd -stderr on Windows?

How can I output all of the Pd windows messages to the terminal or to a file?


pd -stderr is a very handy debugging tool, it allows you to log all of the messages generated in a Pd session to the terminal or a file. This is very typical behavior in a UNIX program, but much less so on Windows. Nonetheless, it is possible to do this on Windows, but it takes a careful setup:

  1. load the cmd shell (Start -> Run -> cmd)
  2. in cmd, run: C:\Program Files\pd\bin\ -stderr

Now all of messages that normally go to the Pd window will be redirected to the cmd.exe window.


*[PD-dev] the pd console and windoze stderr

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