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What are Pd's command line options?

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

Use pd -help to find out.

As of Pd version 0.46-1:

 audio configuration flags:
  -r <n>           -- specify sample rate
  -audioindev ...  -- audio in devices; e.g., "1,3" for first and third
  -audiooutdev ... -- audio out devices (same)
  -audiodev ...    -- specify input and output together
  -audioaddindev   -- add an audio input device by name
  -audioaddoutdev  -- add an audio output device by name
  -audioadddev     -- add an audio input and output device by name
  -inchannels ...  -- audio input channels (by device, like "2" or "16,8")
  -outchannels ... -- number of audio out channels (same)
  -channels ...    -- specify both input and output channels
  -audiobuf <n>    -- specify size of audio buffer in msec
  -blocksize <n>   -- specify audio I/O block size in sample frames
  -sleepgrain <n>  -- specify number of milliseconds to sleep when idle
  -nodac           -- suppress audio output
  -noadc           -- suppress audio input
  -noaudio         -- suppress audio input and output (-nosound is synonym) 
  -callback        -- use callbacks if possible
  -nocallback      -- use polling-mode (true by default)
  -listdev         -- list audio and MIDI devices
  -oss             -- use OSS audio API
  -alsa            -- use ALSA audio API
  -alsaadd <name>  -- add an ALSA device name to list
  -jack            -- use JACK audio API
  -pa              -- use Portaudio API

 MIDI configuration flags:
  -midiindev ...   -- midi in device list; e.g., "1,3" for first and third
  -midioutdev ...  -- midi out device list, same format
  -mididev ...     -- specify -midioutdev and -midiindev together
  -midiaddindev    -- add a MIDI input device by name
  -midiaddoutdev   -- add a MIDI output device by name
  -midiadddev      -- add a MIDI input and output device by name
  -nomidiin        -- suppress MIDI input
  -nomidiout       -- suppress MIDI output
  -nomidi          -- suppress MIDI input and output
  -ossmidi         -- use OSS midi API
  -alsamidi        -- use ALSA midi API

 other flags:
  -path <path>     -- add to file search path
  -nostdpath       -- don't search standard ("extra") directory
  -stdpath         -- search standard directory (true by default)
  -helppath <path> -- add to help file search path
  -open <file>     -- open file(s) on startup
  -lib <file>      -- load object library(s)
  -font-size <n>     -- specify default font size in points
  -font-face <name>  -- specify default font
  -font-weight <name>-- specify default font weight (normal or bold)
  -verbose         -- extra printout on startup and when searching for files
  -noverbose       -- no extra printout
  -version         -- don't run Pd; just print out which version it is 
  -d <n>           -- specify debug level
  -loadbang        -- do not suppress all loadbangs (true by default)
  -noloadbang      -- suppress all loadbangs
  -stderr          -- send printout to standard error instead of GUI
  -nostderr        -- send printout to GUI instead of standard error (true by default)
  -gui             -- start GUI (true by default)
  -nogui           -- suppress starting the GUI
  -guiport <n>     -- connect to pre-existing GUI over port <n>
  -guicmd "cmd..." -- start alternatve GUI program (e.g., remote via ssh)
  -send "msg..."   -- send a message at startup, after patches are loaded
  -prefs           -- load preferences on startup (true by default)
  -noprefs         -- suppress loading preferences on startup
  -rt or -realtime -- use real-time priority
  -nrt             -- don't use real-time priority
  -sleep           -- sleep when idle, don't spin (true by default)
  -nosleep         -- spin, don't sleep (may lower latency on multi-CPUs)
  -schedlib <file> -- plug in external scheduler
  -extraflags <s>  -- string argument to send schedlib
  -batch           -- run off-line as a batch process
  -nobatch         -- run interactively (true by default)
  -autopatch       -- enable auto-connecting new from selected objects (true by default)
  -noautopatch     -- defeat auto-patching new from selected objects
  -compatibility <f> -- set back-compatibility to version <f>

For more informations, check :

-guiport, -guicmd :

-d :

-verbose : increase log level by one, add as many as you need to reach the your log level, then switch log level in the UI to "4 all" to see them all and more by searching yourself :-)

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