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How to add aliases for Pd scripting on Mac OSX

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This FAQ applies to: Any version.

I wanted to be able to use some shell scripts using Pd I wrote in Linux on MacOSX, but the shell (Terminal) session does not know how to launch binaries from within Application Bundles.

On Linux, I can start pd by typing "pd" and hitting enter. On Mac OSX, I can start the Pd App by typing "open -a Pd-extended" ... but I'd rather be able access the pd binary within the bundle directly so one script can work in Linux and OSX.

The fix is pretty simple: Add an alias to the binaries within to your shell session.

Add the following to ~/.bash_profile:

# pd commandline
alias pd="/Applications/"
alias pdsend="/Applications/"
alias pdreceive="/Applications/"

Restart the shell session and now the "pd", "pdsend", and "pdreceive" commands should launch their respective targets.


~/.bash_profile is in your home directory, so any changes are only applied to your user account.
by Dan Wilcox last modified 2013-10-18 11:38 PM

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