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FAQ for Pd

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pd (now with answers) If you have something to contribute to this page, log into and you will have edit access.
  1. General
  2. Installing
  3. Using Pd
  4. Using Objects
  5. Problems and Fixes
  6. Tips and Tricks
  7. Pd on the net
  8. Development
  9. Meta-FAQ


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  1. What is Pd?
  2. What is
  3. What do I need to run Pd?
  4. How do I get better quality audio out of my computer?
  5. Can I run Pd on GNU/Linux?
  6. Where can i get get answers to all my questions?
  7. How much does Pd cost?
  8. How can I lower latency?
  9. How do i compile a Pd-patch to run as a stand-alone application?
  10. What are Pd's command line options?
  11. What are the various Pd distros?
  12. Windows doesn't use a .pdrc, what do I use on Windows?
  13. How can I store startup options so that they are loaded every time I start Pd?
  14. What is the difference between Pd, Max/MSP, and jMax?
  15. What is the .pdrc file and how do I use it?
  16. What platforms does Pd run on?
  17. When I run Pd, the 'Network is unreachable' ?
  18. Where can I download Pd and related software?
  19. Where can I get Pd documentation?
  20. How is Pd spelled?
  21. What about GEM?
  22. What is Pd-extended?
  23. How is Pd-extended different from Pure Data by Miller Puckette (aka Pd-vanilla)?
  24. Is Pd-extended compatible with Pd-vanilla (by Miller Puckette)?
  25. Is Pd-Extended dead? What are the alternatives?
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