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Articles about Pure Data

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Articles from various media outlets, academic conferences, journals, blogs, etc. about Pd and works made using Pd.

Pure Data: another integrated computer music environment
Miller Puckette's May 1997 paper about the state of Pd.
Audio Prototyping with Pure Data
An online article which details how to use Pure Data in video game development at Assumes intermediate knowledge of Pure Data. Several patches available to download and experiment with including one to generate adaptive music. (Free registration required).
"Who is Listening: Human and Computer Influence in Interactive Music Systems"
This paper (by Gregory M. Rippin ?) presents a definition of interactive systems and sets up a framework for a taxonomy of existing and future systems. PD is used extensively throughout. You can download the example patches
Open Source Softwareentwicklung anhand des Fallbeispiels PD
Eine Arbeit von Mag. Andrea Mayr, Februar 2003
Playing with Pd, from Electronic Musician, April 1, 2004

Linux Multimedia with PD and GEM

ICMC2003 Submission: PureData for PDA's

Video Game Audio Prototyping with Pure Data

Ardour et Pure data grâce à Jack (Français)

Free software art
"Many artists are finding their place within contemporary F/OSS (Free/Open Source Software) communities. This is a chance for creativity to flourish unbound by the entrenched commercial software model. Here I use the term 'artist' fairly broadly, including visual artists, experimental musicians and those making software-based installations among others."
Make Your Own Music Software with Pure Data

Pure Data: An Introduction, from Sound on Sound

[hid] toolkit: a unified framework for instrument design, from NIME

Towards a catalog and software library of mapping methods, from NIME

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