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For Pd-extended 0.43, we are aiming to opening up Pd-extended as much as possible. Part of this process includes assigning maintainers for each included library who are responsible for keeping the library up-to-date and working in Pd-extended.

Supported libraries

These are the libraries included in Pd-extended and are currently fully maintained.

  • apple (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

The 'apple' library supports specific hardware features of Apple computers.

bassemu~ is an object that simulates a transistor-based electronic synthesizer.

  • bsaylor (Benjamin R. Saylor - Hans-Christoph Steiner)

    • aenv~ is a asymptotic ADSR envelope generator

    • partconv~is an external that implements partitioned fast convolution, suitable for convolving input signals with long impulse responses for reverbs, etc.

    • pvoc~ is a phase vocoder

    • susloop~: sample player with various loop methods (ping-pong, ... )

    • svf~: a signal-controlled port of Steve Harris' state variable filter

    • zhzhx~: Turns the input signal into a staticky, distorted mess.

  • chaos (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • creb (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • cyclone (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • earplug~ (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • ekext (Ed Kelly)

  • freeverb~ (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • gem (IOhannes m zmoelnig)

  • gem2pdp (Lluis Gómez i Bigordà)

  • ggee (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • hcs (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • hid (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • jmmmp (João Pais)

  • log (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • mapping (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • markex (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • maxlib (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • mjlib (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • moonlib (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • motex (Iain Mott)

  • net (Martin Peach)

  • osc (Martin Peach)

  • pan (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • pddp (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • pdogg (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • pdp (Lozenzo Sutton)

  • purepd (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • smlib (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • testtools (Katja Vetter)

  • unauthorized (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • vanilla (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • vbap (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • zexy (IOhannes m zmoelnig)


  • libdir (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • hexloader (IOhannes m zmoelnig)

  • pdlua (Martin Peach)

  • tclpd (Federico Ferri)

Supported docs

  • Cognition (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • Message Oddness (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • pddp tutorials (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • pd-msg (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  • PlayNow? (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

Unsupported, included libraries

These are libraries we hope to keep in Pd-extended 0.43, but currently do not have a maintainer. They will remain in Pd-extended as long as they work, but if they break, they will be dropped unless a maintainer takes them on. Please sponsor these libraries and become the maintainer if you find them valuable. This is how we can ensure that they stay working well in Pd-extended. Email pd-dev if you are interested in helping.

  • adaptive (adaptive systems and filters - Georg Holzmann/Gerda Strobl)

An adaptive system tries to learn from signals of the past. Mostly it is a simple FIR filter, whoes coefficients can be learned to model or predict an other system. Some applications: system identification, echo cancellation, linear prediction, interference cancellation, self-tuning control, ...

  • boids

  • cxc

  • ext13

  • flatgui

  • iem16

  • iem_adaptfilt

  • iem_ambi

  • iem_bin_ambi

  • iem_delay

  • iem_roomsim

  • iem_spec2

  • iem_tab

  • iemgui

  • iemguts

  • iemmatrix

  • iemlib

  • iemxmlrpc

  • jasch_lib

  • la-kitchen

  • list-abs

  • moocow

  • mrpeach

  • nsend

  • oscx

  • pd-wavelet

  • pdcontainer

  • pdp_opengl

  • plugin~

  • pmpd

  • postlude

  • rtc (for algorithmic composition - Karlheinz Essl)

  • sfruit

  • sigpack

  • timestretch

  • tof

  • windowing

Unsupported included docs

  • PdDrums?

Libraries which are being removed in 0.43

There are various reasons that some libraries are probably best not included. If you believe otherwise, you can take on the maintenance of these libraries.

  • controctopus

  • Externals-HOWTO (doesn't build on Windows and available online)

  • flashserver

  • flatspace (giant ugly kludge)

  • flib

  • gyre

  • keyboardkeys

  • memento (relies on [pool] which is not included)

  • memento-p (relies on [pool] which is not included)

  • nqpoly4 (broken installation)

  • nqpoly~ (broken installation)

  • nusmuk (upstream reorganized it into separate libraries)

  • pidip (non-free license)

  • pixeltango

  • puremeasurement (distributed as a standalone app)

  • rradical

  • toxy

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