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Poly Tonal Grains

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9-bank granular time stretching synth engine with advanced grain control.

Current release: Poly Tonal Grains 3.0

Released 2018-04-25 — tested with pd 0.48

This is my third iteration of the synth, but the first one released.

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Get Poly Tonal Grains for Mac OS X (9.3 MB)


Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Poly Tonal Grains
Project resources

Poly Tonal Grains - 9-bank granular synth based on a time-stretching algorithm - Mac OS X - 2018 - Tested with 0.48-1 and extended.

*** In order for pitch manipulation to work correctly, ensure that your sample rate matches the audio sources you are using. System will automatically update when you change the sample rate in pd preferences.

*** nine acoustic guitar samples are supplied for you to get started. Set your sample rate in Pd to 48000 to use these samples. Try using your own samples by changing table data in the [pd Audio_Sources] sub-patch.


[multiplex~] from zexy • [Uzi] from Cyclone • [pink~] from IEMlib (included) • [sqrtpan~] from me (included) • [ambiencoder~] & [ambidecoder~] from me (included)


• Linear time stretching or jitter based playback for randomized grain selection (using spread controls) Freeze for continuos time stretching of stationary position.

• Macro and individual controls for ease of use and versatility.

• Volume automations for individual grain-banks.

• Master pitch control (make sure Pd sample rate matches sample rate of sound sources).

• 3 different grain-window options: Hanning, Bartlett, and noise. Trying drawing your own window!

• 4 different spatialization options:

⁃ Ambisonic auto-pan based on drunken walk randomizations. Randomly rotates each grain-bank around azimuth. Current build decoded for stereo (please contact me for 4, 5, 8 speaker ring decoders, as well as builds for cube speaker-arrays with elevation control)

⁃ Ping-pong splits the main and overlapping grains to left and right speakers respectively, creating ping-pong stereo effect.

⁃ Mono

⁃ User defined pan control for each grain-bank using a custom built square-root stereo panner

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